TSPlus Advanced Security - formerly RDS-Knight

RDS-Knight changed its name to TSplus Advanced Security.

Today, we are dealing with the growing decentralization of an increasing number of enterprises and institutions. Remote offices and mobile workers are an increasingly common everyday life of many companies. With the increased flexibility associated with working in a remote environment, so does the risk.

TSplus Advanced Security is an intelligent solution. Thanks to it, administrators can use a wide range of flexible tools to control access to remote servers. Designed by security experts and updated regularly, TSplus Advanced Security remains at the forefront of remote desktop security. With the latest update to version 4.0, TSplus Advanced Security excels in providing easy-to-manage, highly configurable security solutions to businesses around the world.

TSplus Advanced Security offers two types of protection:

TSplus Security Essentials

provides four types of protection – essential tools any good administrator needs to control access to remote corporate servers.

Homeland Protection: Prevents attacks by foreign hackers by blocking the opening of remote sessions and restricting access to trusted countries.
Brute-Force Defender: Blacklist suspicious or troublesome IP addresses and limit failed login attempts.
Working Hours Restriction: Control the days and times that users can access remote servers.
Permissions: Easily control user and group permissions to folders and files.

TSplus Ultimate Protection

it includes all the security features present in TSplus Security Essentials and adds some more great features.

Ransomware Protection: Ransomware is becoming one of the most common forms of cyber threats. TSplus Security Ransomware Advanced Protection detects and stops Ransomware attacks in a timely manner.
One Click to Secure Desktop: A quick and easy way to define the appropriate security level for a secure remote desktop environment.
End-Point Device Protection: Restrict access by device name.
Permissions: Easily control and manage user and group permissions to folders and files.

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Showing all 2 results