Since 1996 Terminal Service Plus (TsPlus) has been specialized in remote application, or desktop access technology. Our experience and knowledge keeps developing, which makes our over 100 thousand simultaneous users group worldwide grow constantly.

Together with the broad band technology development, everyone can now publish remote desktops and applications, or share various resources within local or Internet networks worldwide. TsPlus is the most simple and cost efficient tool for using the opportunities offered by today’s world.

Ease in using the advanced technologies is one of our priorities. In the age of internet, we think, that everyone, regardless their technical skills, should be able to activate and implement remote desktop or application access, without necessity to use the expensive implementation team or peripheral devices and equipment.

Seventeen years of experience lets us proudly and confidently offer to our customers easy and cost efficient software. This time gave us a product with many powerful server applied solutions , still capable to cooperate with any MS business or server line product which allows free cost scaling, regarding our demand, with no requirement of hiring experts.

Five reasons making TsPlus worth buying:

Tere are more! Check it out youself.

  1. Price

    The price of TsPlus is adapted to the financial capacity of average consumer, Chile the advantages of TsPlus will meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

  2. Universal Printer

    Printing without a necessity of printers software installation on the server and fast server – customer printouts transmission.

  3. Fast and reliable

    TsPlus has been created to share desktops and applications to many users without necessity to use too demanding equipment requirements. Regular 32- bit desktop system can serve around 10 users.


  4. Install and use

    Incredibly simple configuration interface allows even the most complicated settings to be configured quickly. No need for long hours of training nor days of system settings. A perfect tool for administrators.

  5. Wherever you are

    TsPlus enables access to the remote desktop or application through any Web browser available. The application possibilities are endless.



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