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   ENTERPRISE PLUS Bundle license – Unlimited users:

Benefit from the full range of TSplus technologies, as well as a Gateway Portal to access multiple TSplus systems and a unique load-balancing system combined with an efficient Servers Farm Manager.

ATTENTION! The license includes the starter one year of Support / Update service.

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The Enterprise Edition is delivering you the full TSplus product benefits.

If you wish to host a large number of users and to deploy a farm of servers, to manage your servers’ usage by implementing load-balancing and to secure your remote access with a reverse proxy Gateway, with no limit for your future deployments,

The TSplus ENTERPRISE Edition is for you!


TsPlus ENTERPRISE contains all functionalities of DESKTOP as well as MOBILE & WEB. Additionally supports large installations of many remote access servers or applications (up to 20 hosts). It contains a built in FAILOVER and LOAD BALANCING mechanism. One of the farm hosts may perform duties of perimeter servers managing the access to the remaining resources. One or many servers assigned to a user or users group. Full cooperation with Active Directory. ENTERPRISE enables safe work of up to 1000 simultaneous remote sessions.

Included Features:

  • Support any number of servers for a fully scalable TSplus Farm of servers
  • TSplus Farm architecture is easy to deploy & manage with Load-Balancing, secure Gateway and Reverse Proxy possibilities.
  • Single Enterprise Portal to access all your TSplus servers.
  • Up to 1000 simultaneous users working in scaled architecture with load balancing
  • Two or more application servers assignable to the users or user groups
  • Failover and Load Balancing
  • Gateway Portal including Reverse-proxy role and/or Access Server Control role.

All TSplus edition features and benefits are included into TSplus Enterprise Edition.


  • Connect With Any Browser
  • Remote desktop access via any web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome)
  • The Web Portal includes HTML5 and RemoteApp Web Access Clients.
  • Easily connect from all kinds of mobile devices.


  • Built-in HTTP/HTTPS Web Server
  • Securely connect from anywhere!
  • With the TSplus SSH Tunneling and port forwarding, all network communications are end-to-end encrypted.
  • TSplus Web Credentials allow using a pin-code.


Customizable Web Portal

  • Easy-to-use Webmaster Toolkit for the TSplus log in purposes
  • The Web Application Portal is displaying the user published application list.
  • Add your company colors, name and pictures.


  • Virtual Universal Printer
  • Print from your IPAD or your Tablet on the closest local printer
  • Universal printer enables printing from any location, without necessity of installing any printer driver on the server. Considerably accelerates printing process through the internet
  • TSplus Administrator Tool (AdminTool)
  • Concurrent Remote Desktop support.
  • Application Control per user and/or per group,
  • TSplus Remote Toolbar and/or TSplus Floating Application Panel,
  • Remote desktop access,
  • TSplus dedicated Portable Client Generator,
  • Remote Desktop, Seamless or RemoteApp connections clients,
  • Fully RDP compliant,
  • Dual screen support, two-directional sound,
  • Local and remote connection support,
  • Workgroup and Active Directory users support.
  • Local workgroup or within a domain.

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