2FA Two Factor Authentication


2FA – Two Factor Authentication

Two-step authentication.

Add an additional layer of protection against unwanted access to your servers.


2FA – Two Factor Authentication

Two-step authentication adds an additional layer of security and prevents access to user sessions even if someone knows their password.

In order to achieve a higher level of safety, a combination of two different factors (two-step reversion) is used, e.g. password and code from sms or from the installed authentication application.

Each time a user logs on to a remote session, they will need their password and verification code available from their mobile phone. Once configured, the authenticator will display the verification code to allow it to log in. It works even when its device is offline. 2FA two-factor authentication is only available for the TSplus web portal. This authentication mode does not support remote desktop client sign-in. Because 2FA authentication works only with the Web portal, RDP connections are blocked for users with 2FA enabled.