2FA-Two Factory Authentication

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2FA Two Factory Authentication

Passwords can be lost, stolen by phishing attacks, and very often they can even be cracked in a matter of minutes. Two-Factor Authentication solves this problem simply and effectively, and provides an additional security layer – sending a code to the user mobile device.





2FA-Two Factory Authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security and prevent access to your users’ session even if someone knows their password. A combination of two different factors is used to achieve a greater level of security:

  • something they know, a password
  • something they have, a device – such as a smartphone – with an authentication app installed

Each time a user signs in to its remote session it will need its password and a verification code available from its mobile phone. Once configured, the authenticator app will display a verification code to allow him or her to log in any time. It works even if its device is offline.

Two-factor authentication is available for TSplus Web portal only. This authentication mode does not support login through Remote Desktop client. Since 2FA authentication only works with the Web portal, RDP connections are denied for 2FA enabled users


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