A new version of TSplus was uploaded yesterday and is already available. This is our comment for this new version: TSplus 12.50 includes all the improvements and fixes released in previous versions. Improvements: – All Clients: a new “Send to Client” contextual menu (right-click menu) can be enabled in AdminTool > Advanced > Contextual Menu […]

RDS-Knight version 4.3 has been released! It comes with an amazing new feature – the “Permissions” dashboard will give IT admins the tool they were dreaming of to quickly manage windows permission without the complications that come with the default Windows permission management scheme. It’s the best way to protect sensitive data from malicious people […]

The development team at TSplus has kept working all Summer to provide you with great features and an easy-to-manage Remote Desktop solution. Before we look at the details of the most recent TSplus updates, we are pleased to invite you to intend our next webinar: Organized by ClarionLive! Developers Group, the talk show will present […]

In September 2019, the TSplus Development team is excited to again participate in a ClarionLive! Weekly webinar. Next friday – September 6th, from 6PM to 7PM CEST, a date to note in the calendars! Like Delphi or PowerBuilder, Clarion is a 4GL, rapid application programming language and Integrated Development Environment used to program mission critical […]

You want to warrant the continuity and stability of your businesses’ activity and keep your users satisfied. In this regard, you need to stay aware of the health of your RDS Servers and Websites. Server Genius comprehensive monitoring and reporting tool makes it quick and easy for Windows administrators to examine the performance of their […]

The development team at RDS-Tools have just announced a new update for their powerful security program, RDS-Knight. Installed on servers alongside Remote Desktop software, it efficiently protects Remote Users and the servers they are connected to. It’s even more powerful when used as an add-on to TSplus Remote Access solution. This new release strengthens the […]

A new version of TSplus is being uploaded last week and is already available. This is our comment for this new version: Improvements: 2FA: whitelisted users are able to connect from an RDP client without being requested an authentication code Universal Printer: fixed and improved default paper size setting. All available paper sizes are now […]

RDS-Tools has just released a new video, featuring RDS-Knight, their one-of-a-kind cybersecurity software for RDS servers. This short video reviews in less than two minutes features and assets of this great protection tool. Remote Desktop servers have become an integral part of modern business. But with the increased flexibility that comes with working in a […]

TSplus is a great tool to access your business apps from anywhere. However, you want to make sure both your servers and your data stay safe when you connect. That is why we put the Security of your connections at the center of our strategy for innovation. Our security add-on RDS-Knight is the right weapon […]

Since Version 12.40 was released, TSplus’ development team has been working on new improvements regarding the pillars of their Remote Desktop solution: quick deployment, easy administration and strong security. Read on for a quick overview of the new features included in TSplus 12.40’s last update, published on July 12. TSplus Version 12.40 focuses on simplifying […]

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